Kings Falling by: Ronie Kendig

Leif Metcalf and the team are once again embroiled in a mad search for “The Book of Wars”. They’d almost had it. Lost it. The little bit that had been copied wasn’t complete. And now the techies are at work searching the world for these super soldiers. Assassins.

Iskra so wanted freedom from her old life, but to be safe she had to find the book and her brother. Leif wanted a life with her, but she wasn’t sure how that would work. His brothers had done well, making lives for themselves, but is it in the cards for Leif?

Ms. Kendig has crafted another fast paced, gripping novel that will keep you on edge right up to the end, and then, Oh My! King’s Falling is a great read. I love the way she weaves the personalities of her characters with action and tension to create this world of intrigue. An awesome adventure! Thank you, Ma’am!

Kings Falling
By: Ronie Kendig
ISBN 987-0-7642-3188-9
Bethany House Publishers

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Within Golden Bands: A Home For My Heart, By: Norma Gail

The MacDonells are newlyweds and life isn’t going as they’d hoped. Depending on each other and God becomes the anchor as their livelihood is threatened. Family, friends and new acquaintances help them through difficult times, but where is God taking them? Why isn’t He keeping these things from happening?


This is a fast paced engaging novel. I enjoyed it tremendously. A well-crafted work sure to entertain. A dramatic story of love that survives even the worst the world can throw at this young couple. And a satisfying end for all. Very well done, Ms. Gail.
Within Golden Bands, A Home For My Heart
By: Norma Gail
ISBN 978-1-941103-71-5

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Forever Hidden

Forever Hidden by: Tracie Peterson & Kimberley Woodhouse

When tragedy strikes and their father dies three young girls are left with their Mother and Grandfather. Moved away from their home, life is very different, but being busy helps them to cope with their grief.

Whitney, Havyn & Madysen filled their days practicing music and doing chores on the farm. Their evenings were spent performing at the Roadhouse. Life was full and even though they argued and fought like the redheads they are, blessings abounded in life until, Grandfather hired a foreman.

Things went from bad to worse as first their Grandfather became ill and then their mother. The girls took on more and more responsibility and the foreman, John, took on more responsibility.

When family secrets come to light, each battle confusion and disappointment. How then will they find a way to happiness?

Peterson & Woodhouse are master crafters, taking your imagination to places of beauty, danger and possibility. Oh to live in a place like Nome in 1904. Surviving the hardship of winter. Looking forward to the arrival of ships in springtime. Carving out a life through sheer determination and hard work. Thank you ladies for another great adventure.

Forever Hidden
Peterson & Woodhouse
Bethany House Publishers
U.S. $15.99

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What do you need?

We all have times of struggle. If you look at someone who seems to have everything, “The Car/Truck, The House, The Family, The Job” etc… Believe me, they didn’t get there over night. The old adage, “Paying your dues”, is true. Though when you are young you’re just trying to make it through, pay bills, raise children, survive marriage, and all the other million things that take up your time and thoughts.

We, oldsters, sometimes wish we could go back and tell our younger selves the key to true happiness and fulfillment, but since I can’t do that I’ll share what I do know. There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “those who try to save their life will lose it, those who lose their life will save it.” Luke 17:33 To me that means the harder you try on your own, only thinking of your needs/wants, the more you lose. You lose time, waste money and live a frustrated life, but if you seek God, truly giving yourself to Him, to His will and His leading, you will find that in losing yourself, your life, in Him, you have gained everything. Everything you will ever need in this life, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, jobs, homes, family, health, and above all salvation, comes from ones source. God.

Matthew 7:7-11 says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him.”

Seek Him, God, The Father. He is the source. If you struggle, and we all do, just ask Him to help you. If you haven’t sought forgiveness of your sin and accepted Christ Jesus as your savior, just ask God to help you and tell him that’s what you want. Then He will be with you through every difficulty and if you continue seeking and obey His direction, then the blessings will overflow in your life and you will be able to thrive in this life, so much so that you will be able to help others.

God bless!

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Life Interrupted

Just when you think life is settling into a routine things crop up and change begins, again. I admit, my sweetheart’s retirement has been a challenge. I mean, I love being with him, but I used to have a sort of routine, write, read, do housework, cook, etc…. I haven’t been able to keep to any sort of schedule yet. And now health issues have taken us on another route.

I’m not sure where it will lead, but I know that God has already provided, no matter what happens, so….all will be well. We’ve been through this before, with our parents, my bought with cancer, hurricane Harvey and now my husband is sick. We don’t know what it is yet, but we are trusting God for what is ahead and keeping up with what we need to do right now.

Life. It gets interrupted. That may be the only constant in life, right along with change. But God is always there, always providing, always faithful. That is why we can do this “Life” with peace and joy.

Praise God.

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Brand of Light

Brand of Light
By: Ronie Kendig

Oh my goodness. Action packed, suspenseful and engaging. This story will have you hyperventilating and turning pages as fast as you can. The heroine, Kersie Dragoumis, on the brink of solidifying a pact between two royal households is torn from her home….what now?
Marco Dusan, a tracker, is on the trail of fugitives. His gift for the work has made him one of the best, and yet, there is something strange going on. He can travel to almost any village, or planet and be able to do his work without interference, but that doesn’t mean he is liked. What the future holds is a mystery, but there is no time to think about that right now. He has a job to do.
Kendig is a master crafter of character, plot & story, creating other worlds to explore. Her writing challenges me to think outside the box. Coaxing me to stretch out and try other things, never settle, she seems to say. Keep reaching for better. Keep looking for ways to grow. I love that about this author.
Brand of Light
By: Ronie Kendig
ISBN 978-1-62184-093-0
Enclave Publishing

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Life and Loss

When we lose a loved one, be it family or close friend, our hearts ache. The older we get the more those losses can affect us, bringing the possibility of depression and bitterness, but if we turn to God and realize that loss means we’ve been blessed with people who love us, we can rejoice in the great reunion awaiting us in heaven.

Turning to God and giving Him our whole heart, mind and soul, means we have His peace and presence to fill us. He will provide for every need and He will place joy where grief would have taken hold. So if you see a smile on my face when I talk about loss, you can be sure it’s because of God that I can rejoice and continue to want to serve such a great Master.

I pray that all find their salvation through Jesus Christ. That each one allows God to fill them with His Holy Spirit, and that they will seek to serve Him and tell others of the Good News of Jesus Christ who died for our sin, that we might find forgiveness and salvation from the penalty of sin. And the promise of eternity in Heaven.


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