Why Praise?

Good morning all. The week has begun and the trials have slowed a little, giving me time to consider all that has been going on. When I think about it, or dwell on it, I could easily become depressed, but God’s blessings abound and that brings me to the topic of the day.

Why Praise? God’s word is filled with commands for us to praise.

Psalm 150
Praise the Lord.
Praise God in his sanctuary;
praise him in his mighty heavens.
Praise him for his acts of power;
praise him for his surpassing greatness.
Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,
praise him with the harp and lyre,
praise him with timbrel and dancing,
praise him with the strings and pipe,
praise him with the clash of cymbals,
praise him with resounding cymbals.
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.

How can I not praise? We’re out of our house due to hurricane Harvey damage to our home, but God has provided us a place of comfort all along the way. Many of our things were damaged so that they had to be thrown away, but they are just things, we are all safe and well. During the weeks of packing and tearing out damage we were living in hotels, eating out a lot, but that meant I didn’t have to cook or wash dishes at the end of a day of hard physical labor. When the hardest work was done we moved in to a small apartment with a kitchen where I can cook meals, even bake bread. It’s been over five months of being displaced and there are days when all I want to do is go home, but then I feel God’s presence giving me peace.

I will praise God. Praise God for His protection. Praise Him for His provision. Praise God for His Peace. Praise God for encouragement from others and from His word. Praise God for sending help. Praise God for financial help and for flood insurance. Praise God for new neighbors to get to know and a safe place to walk.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

God bless you!

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Life, Grief, Stress

When you think life is going along smooth and things are looking up, sometimes life can hand you a curve in the form of loss. Unexpected. Sudden. Hard to understand. Loss. The life of a young woman you’ve known all her life. You know her parents, attended church together, had meals together, Bible study & support groups. You’ve prayed for each other through rough spots in life and encouraged each other through them.

You can feel blindsided by this kind of loss. It can be difficult if not impossible to get back on track with life after this kind of loss. Writing is almost impossible, though it would be a relief to lose myself in story. The loss wasn’t mine, not personally, but I still feel the numbness inside, as if it was very close. I feel my friend’s pain, as a mother. I feel the young lady’s children’s loss, as a grandmother.

How do I get back on track. I mean, it’s enough to be displace by a hurricane. Forced to live in a small apartment, (don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of our blessings and that there are many who don’t have this option) but I just want to be home. For life to go on as normal. I guess at least this opens my eyes to the fact that there are far worse things than being displaced.

To get through I must create a schedule that I can follow, one that will make time for God, writing, family and down time. Doing something for myself is important during this time. Getting out with friends and looking at beautiful things will help. Keeping in touch with other friends who live far away. And trying to help my friend by keeping in touch and encouraging her to talk/write about the wonderful memories she has had with her sweet daughter.

Maintaining a close relationship with God during those times is very important. Prayer, Bible study, journaling and praising God our Father and Jesus our Savior will bring strength and healing.

I pray that you all are facing your days with the strength of the Lord. God bless.

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Hurricane Recovery

Well, here we are five months after the hurricane and we are still displaced. We have sheet rock which is being finished up as I type this. The cabinet man will meet me tomorrow morning, but oh, I so want to be home.

On the plus side, we have a comfortable apartment, with separate bedrooms. And though FEMA approved us for help in September, they only paid for six weeks. So now we are paying our house note and utilities plus apartment rent and utilities, but we have a place to cook and relax in comfort.

I never would have thought that we’d be out of our house for six to seven months for just one inch of water. The contractor is working hard as are all of the work crews, but they are stretched thin due to the number of people needing help. Some of our friends have chosen to sell and buy a new house. Others are surviving, like us, displaced. Some are in apartments, some in travel trailers and others live with family or friends.

God’s provision through this whole ordeal has been amazing. From meals prepared by friends to financial donations from many sources to housing. We’ve moved four times since August if you count our evacuation. A very strange and beautiful time for sure.

Things seem to be getting back to normal around here. I’m finding time to do more “normal” things like correspondence, yes, I still write letters. Not as often as I should, but I do. What I’m really looking forward to is writing, crocheting and sketching. Those things give my soul fulfillment and rest.

For a creative soul to be forced to abandon creating, even for a short time, is very difficult. Dealing with stress is okay for a short time, though sometimes I find myself running away, mentally, during rare down times. Eventually I always return to creating. As I’ve often heard authors say, “I can’t not write.”

What blesses your soul?

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Hurricane Harvey

One month and two days ago my family was evacuating from the path of the storm. We went east because that was the only path open to us. My husband had found a hotel in Rayne, Louisiana that would allow us to bring our cat with us. We loaded belongings into two vehicles and drove two hours and forty five minutes to a safe place.

Six days later the flood waters finally receded enough for us to drive home, by a round about path, taking six hours to get home. We arrived to our home and walked in to a smell of mildew that was so strong we didn’t stay long. We put our kitty in the garage for the night and headed to my husbands work site to get information about the hotel where they were putting their employees. That evening we checked in to the hotel. A nice double queen suite with a desk for our laptops a couch and coffee table. Enough storage for clothing for the three of us.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast downstairs and then drove home to see what we could do. We were met by a group of my husband’s co-workers and some friends who were ready to help us pack up and clean up.

The work went ahead for over a week, working from can till can’t (or way past that actually). The blessings just kept coming. From help with everything at the house and honestly we were very grateful for those who helped us focus and make decisions. Another service paid for by my husband’s company began as soon as we were through with most of the moving of our things. Service Pro came to tear out floors and walls and spray for mold, then they set up fans and dehumidifiers to clear the house of moisture.

After 26 days we are still waiting for the insurance adjuster to come and give us a quote. We’re working as we can, driving thirty minutes to get to the house, pulling nails, cleaning floors, installing insulation, packing the rest of the stuff from the house, small décor pieces, pictures, food, etc.

Tomorrow we move to a new hotel, one we will have to pay for, and that’s okay. We’re grateful that we have had a month to recover. We will be closer to the house and it will be easier to go back and forth several times a day to check on the cat and work and then go back to a comfortable place to take a nap.

What lies ahead we don’t quite know yet except that it will be different. Praise God for His continued mercies and blessings. I’ll check in next month to let you know how things are going. Until then may your days and families be blessed.

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Crown Of Souls

Cole (Tox) Russel is back from the grave. Silenced with threats by government bureaucrats. He’s faced with two choices, do what the government wants on their terms or join in another “brother” and his fight against that government bureaucracy.

His life finally has possibilities, he has hope, but can he trust it?

Haven is a blessing he never thought he’d have. But is he good enough for her? What if she knew?

The team is together, when it happens. Attack. From a professional. One of their own is shot, on the beach, as they spend much needed down time together. Losing blood fast, they work to save him.

What lies ahead for Wraith?

Master craftswoman, Ronie Kendig has created another awesome story. One that will have you holding your breath. The action and drama bring excitement to the story while the interaction between characters increases the perception of the workings of the family within the team.

Thanks again Ronie, for challenging us to think outside the box. And thank you for always bringing us a wildly exciting ride.

Crown Of Souls
By: Ronie Kendig
ISBN# 978-0-7642-1766-1
Bethany House Publishers
$15.99 US

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Second Anniversary

Tomorrow, January 12, 2017 will be the second anniversary of my last radiation treatment. I praise God for His mercy and grace, for His provision and promise.

God’s abiding presence fills me with peace. He is the source of everything we need. Through it all; fear that threatens to swallow us whole, financial craters that we know we can’t fill on our own, health issues that though we do our best still rears it’s ugly head, loss-deep and painful. Through it all His voice continues to calm, “I’ve got this.”

That promise got us through the months of uncertainty when cancer was the diagnosis and it continues through days when all I can do is hold on to Him and proclaim, “I will praise You through it all, through pain, through tears, through sickness, through difficulty. Because You are worthy Lord. I will praise You!”

The present burden, death of my Daddy & knowing that my Mom is alone at the nursing home. That is the hard part. Learning to forgive myself for not calling more often, not asking all those questions, because God allowed me time with them, over the years, to tell them how thankful I was to be their little girl. How blessed I was to have such God fearing parents. So it isn’t all bad, though I wish I lived closer so I could visit Mom on a weekly basis. I must trust God to provide what she needs and call as often as I can.

Getting over another bout of strep along with ‘the crud’, I am slowly, oh so slowly gaining energy. I praise God that He has provided for everything I need and that He gives me the wisdom to care for myself and the strength to choose to do just that. Taking care of our bodies is a choice. We often neglect ourselves while taking care of others but with this anniversary I am reminded that life is precious and every thing that can be done to improve our health should be done.

That said, to celebrate I am going to take my family out to dinner/supper tomorrow night. I’ll pick a place we all enjoy and tell them it’s my treat. And on this anniversary may I wish you all a blessed year. May God touch you and your families in a way that will bring such joy that it can not be contained. God bless.

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I have heard that life is what happens when you are busy, well, life has been busy. January of this year I celebrated one year cancer free. In April we went to Las Vegas and celebrated one of our granddaughter’s birthday. In June we celebrated my Dad’s 89th birthday. In August we said goodbye to my Dad and later that month we celebrated my Mother’s 86th birthday.

While dealing with those emotions and celebrations life continues. Housework, writing, staying connected with friends and family. Growth. Growth as a writer, as a Christian and as a wife and mother/grandmother. Learning from those situations that fill life with challenge. I think the key, for me anyway, is to keep going. Keep seeking God and keep trying to better myself when the situation can’t be controlled or changed. There are just some things we have to go through. Doing so with grace and His peace makes for the best recovery and sometimes makes that recovery quicker.

A quick recovery, as far as being able to get back to a semblance of order helps me get back on track. Oh I still have days when I can’t seem to get much done but those are fewer, as long as I remember to seek God first thing every day.

That being said, getting back into writing can be difficult when you’ve been away from the keyboard for a while. I enjoy story, getting back into the character’s lives but getting the work of writing done; proposals, marketing ideas etc. That’s the hard part, the work of writing. Keeping my focus is more difficult there. The creative part of my brain seeks outlet and sometimes demands that I listen, but controlling it is important to getting everything that is necessary accomplished.

When life intrudes I have to confront or at least give attention to those things for a while, but writing always calls me back. If I let God lead, those life situations can improve the story, adding emotion and conflict. Using those things from life makes the story real. So, here I go again, and I pray that His voice speaks through the words I put on the page.

God bless!

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